As the ball dropped in an eerily quiet and empty Times Square, many of us were watching from the comfort of home – not dressed up and gathered together like in the days of old (Alright. It was only 365 days ago…but it feels like a century.)

As is standard modern practice each January, we kick the past year to the curb and look ahead to the New Year with hope, setting fresh resolutions and goals for ourselves. The only difference this go around is that we’re not just waving off 2020; We are full-on punting it into the oblivion. SEE YA!

It was a tiring, stressful year for many, to say the least. A well-earned ‘good riddance’ to 2020.

For the Centrifuge team, it was the year in which we had to completely shift operations to adapt to COVID-19 lockdowns and safety protocols. Our amazing staff quickly pivoted, taking what they’re already experts in and learned how to make it work on a virtual scale.

While we’re eager to get back to ‘normal’ live events or even hybrid, we understand it’s a waiting game beyond our control. In the meantime, we continue to find success as a Strategic Event Communications Agency by mastering virtual events.

With this in mind, the Centrifuge directors are sharing their 2021 goals for a year of happy clients, prosperity and great productivity.