As CEO and sought-after business consultant, mentor, speaker coach, and visionary producer, Brian splits his time between traveling the globe to meet with clients and returning to Centrifuge Headquarters to lead and develop his ever-expanding in-house team.

Prior to launching Centrifuge Media in 2005, Brian spent substantial time in medical marketing and education. During this time, he attended healthcare and life science meetings that exposed him to underwhelming and disjointed event production throughout the industry. He quickly realized that few agencies understood or addressed the unique needs of biotech, pharma, and life science leaders. Upon identifying this gap in the industry, Brian recognized and seized the opportunity to fill it. Through his vision, leadership, and execution, Centrifuge Media came to life. Over the next 15 years, Brian strategically developed a team that simultaneously provides the highest level of customer service and a cutting-edge approach to production design and creative solution development.

At the heart of Centrifuge’s year over year growth and success, is Brian’s steadfast commitment to meeting and exceeding client expectations. As a product of this pursuit, he developed and continues to expand in-house creative, production, performance, and communication strategy capabilities that have transitioned Centrifuge Media from a primarily audio-visual company to a globally recognized Strategic Event Communications Agency.

As an active philanthropist, Brian and his family are passionate about supporting local charities and encourage volunteerism throughout the year within Centrifuge. For the past 10 years, Centrifuge Media has maintained the title sponsorship of the MeFine Foundation Gala that raises money to support community families with children experiencing a medical crisis.

Life Outside of Centrifuge: 

Brian enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and his two daughters. He enjoys traveling for both work and pleasure, loves to exercise and play golf. He is a coffee and wine connoisseur and has mastered the art of gourmet homemade pizza.