Connect with Brandon Goldthwaite

Brandon Goldthwaite is one of two Senior Technical Directors (STDs) at Centrifuge and is the ‘Lead Video Engineer’ on staff. That’s not an official title but stands true, he says.

Brandon leads the CMI team in production and engineering for live and virtual events, often training our crew in the technical needs and requirements for our work – hello, TriCaster! His journey with CMI began, like many, as a freelancer in 2006. He went on to join the team full-time in March 2016.

His background is in radio, which started from the time he was born (yes, you read that right) until just out of high school. He ‘grew up in a radio station,’ recording voice overs for national commercials as a child before getting involved in engineering, producing and editing commercials for national air-play. Brandon also proudly organized a team of researchers to determine what was hot and what was not with new music to send out over the airwaves. From radio, he went on to become a certified studio/audio engineer, then inadvertently went into hotel A/V. A demand for video engineering & projectionists eventually lead Brandon down that path. And here he is today!

Life Outside of Centrifuge:

Brandon has been playing drums since the age of 12! With all those years of experience, he’s played in everything from concert bands to marching bands, award-winning drum and bugle corps. and rock bands. He’s even opened for many national acts with his current country band, based out of Orlando, Florida.

In his spare time, Brandon enjoys “voiding the warranty” on stuff by intentionally breaking it, then putting it back together again. He says he likes to understand how things work. Brandon is married to an awesome woman that he’s known since 3rd grade. They love to travel and do new things together, just as much as they enjoy staying home to relax with their 14-year-old retired Greyhound.