As Centrifuge Media’s sole 3D Event Designer, Suzanne’s designs are so visually stunning, and “true to life” that they are often indistinguishable from the actual implementation. Among the Centrifuge team, we often play a game of guessing which of our photos are the real stages, and which are Suzanne’s renders.

It’s not an easy game.

She’s that good.

Speaking of games; if you’re familiar with videogames you may have played a few that Suzanne was instrumental in developing.  Prior to entering the event production realm, Suzanne was the Lead Artist at Vicious Cycle Software, Inc. with a focus on environment art.

With 20+ years of experience creating immersive environments for the gaming industry, her skillset encompasses multiple genres.  From creating stylized colorful children’s games such as Dreamwork’s Kung Fu Panda 2  to AAA realistic first-person shooters with Ubisoft’s Red Storm, and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon franchise, she’s covered a lot of ground. Suzanne has shipped 18 videogame titles total!

After leaving the gaming industry to transfer her visionary artistry to 3D event design, Suzanne claims that she has “never looked back.” According to Suzanne, the most gratifying aspect of being a 3D Event Designer is the opportunity to see the final product come together and how closely it resembles the final “real life” results.

While she handles the many intricate daily requests with grace and lightning-quick turnaround, she reminds us, as an artist her work is never done. Suzanne’s dedication to her craft and a keen eye for high-quality design keep her constantly busy with personal upskilling and perfecting her work.

Life Outside of Centrifuge: 

Suzanne works remotely and is living the dream on Topsail “Topsul” Island, NC with her loving husband and daughter. Most of her days are spent creating stage renders for Centrifuge and taking care of her vivacious 2-year-old. In her downtime she loves to craft and learn any new medium of art; from hand knitting chunky blankets to paper collages or repurposing vintage furniture. She’s made it known that she can still bust out a few good rap tunes, “even though she’s a mom now!”