Connect with Matt Reyes

Matt Reyes joined Centrifuge Media in April 2012 as a Project Coordinator.

He’s a 2011 graduate of UNC – Chapel Hill, where he studied Economics and worked on the technical side of events. Over the years, he’s worked in several areas of the event industry, ranging from project management and in the warehouse, to his current role as Finance & Program Profitability Manager. Matt is known as the Swiss Army Knife of Centrifuge with such a diverse background within the company.

In his current role, he combines experience in planning meetings, technical understanding and attention to detail to make sure Centrifuge is providing what’s needed to execute meetings of any size.  He’s also a firm believer that spreadsheets can be used for quite literally anything!

Life Outside of Centrifuge:

Matt can oftentimes be found enjoying a variety of video games, movies and books.  As a sports enthusiast, he enjoys watching football, hockey and anything related to UNC (Go Heels!).  He enjoys going to live events, both sporting & various performances, but is also content to enjoy those things in the quiet of home.