Connect with Fausto Turro

Fausto Turro may be Centrifuge’s youngest employee, but that just means he’s a bit sharper than the rest of us!

Fausto joined the CMI team in February of 2019 after graduating from Mars Hill University with a degree in Business Admin.-Management and Marketing, where he proudly played collegiate baseball and feverishly worked towards perfecting the art of fly fishing; he says to not worry and that he did make it to class.

Seeking an opportunity to work under a Project Manager, Fausto jumped on a job with Centrifuge. He was intrigued by the events industry, but at the time was more so interested in working with a tight-knit group, and for a company that traveled often – much like a baseball team.

After getting his feet wet as an Event Coordinator, he developed a love for the nature of the events industry, where every project is unique. It also wasn’t long before he was promoted to Project Manager. In this role, he handles the logistics behind meetings and events of varying sizes, working with AV partners, venue contacts and industry SMEs to deliver the best to clients. He is also known for furniture and cameras – you’ll have to ask him about that if you want to know more.

Life Outside of Centrifuge:

Outside of work, Fausto continues to look for the perfect fishing oasis. He’s a lover of jam bands and anything outdoors, so you can count on him going off grid for a few days at least once a year – but he will be back and ready to work!