Connect with Chris Dahnke

Chris Dahnke is known for his passion, perseverance, and character – along with his sometimes ‘wrong age group’ references. (But we still love him!)

Chris joined the team in July 2014 and serves as Centrifuge’s Executive Director of Event Operations & Internal Support. In this leadership role, Chris focuses on enhancing global processes and procedures carried forth by our Account Managers, Project Managers, and Event Coordinators. Chris’ commitment to execution excellence and his extensive background in life sciences has proven instrumental in developing new client relationships and strengthening current partnerships.

Prior to joining the CMI team, Chris spent 20 years dedicated to the Pharma and Life Science industries. After graduating from Ohio University with a double degree in English and Education, his skillset and natural drive led to, and bolstered, a 10-year career at a medical publisher in New York City contributing to journals featuring a variety of therapeutic categories, including CNS, Anesthesiology, Gastro/Endo and Pharmacy.

After moving to Raleigh, North Carolina, Chris began working for an advertising agency dedicated to the life sciences. There, he spent another decade contributing to a number of campaigns, websites, and learning systems for a variety of major pharmaceuticals in the arenas of IBS-D, UC, Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, medical devices for asthma management, postpartum hemorrhage, and PICC lines.

Life Outside of Centrifuge:

How does a man who has traveled the world, spent winters skiing in Colorado, and once worked a circus snake show stay entertained outside of work? Simple! By keeping it simple. Chris enjoys walking or biking through the woods, sports, live music, and festivals, along with reading historical novels. He also enjoys a good road trip every now and then.