Cancelled. Postponed. These two words have recently echoed through the event industry as social distancing and remote working become the new normal for the foreseeable future. Companies are communicating via video conferences, artists and musicians are going “Live” from their phones, and even fitness trainers are streaming classes from the confines of their home to yours. With the need for regular communication now more important than ever, video is the ideal medium for sharing your message and keeping your audience engaged. However, given the lack of access to high quality camera equipment, studios, and video crews, many people are struggling to produce quality videos on their own.

Regardless of your available equipment and technical capabilities, those of us in the event industry are going to have to find new and creative ways of keeping the message and content going. This is especially important now more than ever as we develop new ways to keep in-touch with our team through online channels.


As a video producer, part of my job is editing video footage. I’ve edited everything from professionally captured footage to selfie-style videos sent directly from our clients. Good camera gear is important, but, especially at a time like this, focusing on filming strategy will go a long way towards successfully producing your own content!

In this day and age, our phones and computers possess the capabilities of a small production studio. How we use these devices is important from a technical and creative perspective, but if your device has a functioning camera and microphone, then you can successfully produce your own content.