Before joining Centrifuge Media, Sarah Hicks was the Manager of Corporate Events for both the men’s and women’s professional soccer teams in Raleigh. During this time the NC Courage women’s soccer team won back to back championships while 7 of the Courage players were in the 2019 FIFA World Cup (4 of which were on the USA team and won!) Motivated by these exciting years for women in sports, Sarah decided to venture out and continue to advance her event production career.  In her role as a CMI Event Coordinator, Sarah is fostering expertise in the unique dual skillset of both client engagement, event planning and technical production. She is well known by both team and clients for her attention to detail, and passionate pursuit of desired outcomes.

Life Outside of Centrifuge: 

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Sarah is obsessed with Skyline Chili (like all Cincinnatians) and the Bengals. Outside of work she enjoys meditating, working out, hanging with her dog Ava, and enjoying all that life has to offer. Sarah also loves all things Astrology. When you meet her for the first time, it’s likely that she’ll guess your sun and moon sign within minutes. If you’re curious, ask her and see if you think she’s right!