Just smile! No matter the circumstances, find a few moments in the day that make you happy… that make you smile!

Morris has embraced this philosophy from the moment he joined the Centrifuge team. His upbeat and positive attitude permeates the office, even on the most challenging days. Undoubtedly, Morris developed this trait while working in the fast-paced, pressure-packed industry of broadcast television for the local ABC/Disney affiliate. There, he spent nearly 2 decades honing his skills as a motion designer, video producer, digital content creator, and art director. However, Morris’ first love has always been traditional print design. He gained valuable experience in this area while working for IBM and founding his own freelance business.

Morris’ design style falls toward minimalism. He believes the most successful visual communication is achieved through impactful yet simple means. Morris’ unique background and perspective on visual problem solving allows him to seamlessly weave motion, print, and digital ideas together. Morris is blessed to be an award-winning designer/director, receiving recognition from organizations such as The Telly Awards, The Emmys, and Graphic Design USA.

Life Outside of Centrifuge:

Morris’ passion for design is only usurped by his love of southern food. It’s not uncommon for him to plan vacations just to seek out legendary dishes across the country. He’s even embarked on a solo “rib tour” through the Carolinas and Tennessee, experiencing all the intoxicating BBQ deliciousness of each region. When not on tour, Morris spends most of his free time with his lovely wife and two teenage children. He enjoys traveling, family night, and beating his family in mini-golf every chance he gets.