If you come across a large, furry mammal roaming the office, do not be alarmed.  More than likely, you have discovered Mike Dowd, our Director of Business Development.

Mike is an inspiring and highly motivational sales & marketing leader, bringing over 25+ years of experience as an industry disruptor and creative problem solver.  He has had the honor of working with numerous marque clients, helping develop innovative creative solutions spanning industries as diverse as healthcare, pharmaceutical, and tech.  His insights into healthcare and healthcare communications have made him a sought-after speaker and business consultant.

Mike was integral in creating the Western New England Healthcare Symposium along with being an event speaker for the Carolinas Society for Healthcare Consumer Advocacy, NC Carolina Dental Society and an active contributor to the Mid-Atlantic Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development and the Carolinas Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing Society.

His greatest professional passion?  Simple.  When looking back on some of his most meaningful successes of the past several years, it keeps coming back to one central and unified theme; Mike truly loves helping healthcare clients solve their greatest creative challenges. Why? Well, when they win, families win and thinking even bigger, entire communities win.   A pretty satisfying outcome!

Life Outside of Centrifuge:

As diverse as his skills and abilities, so are his hobbies.  Mike is an avid off-roader and can be found as often as possible, far beyond where the road ends on yet another Jeep adventure.  As an aficionado of all things technical, expect to find him further developing the capabilities of his Jeep or at his bench, toying with yet another mechanical watch project.

This fervent French Bulldog father of two rather precocious rascals along with a pair of mischievous mice and a stunning fiancé call Sanford, NC home.