Before joining the Centrifuge team, Annie worked as a graphic designer for numerous clients, creating branding and marketing materials to accomplish their short term and long-term goals. She filled numerous roles in her previous position, from building sets and furniture for photoshoots to creating new marketing strategies for upcoming product launches. At Centrifuge Media, she works with the creative team as a graphic designer, creating new and innovative promotional materials for the company and its clients. She thrives on tight deadlines, quick turnarounds, and high stakes environments. She enjoys client interaction and creating visuals to reinforce each presenter’s individual message. She loves to learn and, given the chance, is willing to tackle a steep learning curve to add to her skill set. She finds joy in her work and is always up for a challenge.

Life Outside of Centrifuge:

Annie’s interests outside of work are vast, varying from classic cars to classic literature. She can often be found spending time with her family, is an avid reader, and will never turn down a hot (or iced) cup of coffee. She aspires to one day be an astronaut.