Lauren Dearmore is a native North Carolinian who approaches each new project with a smile and a comprehensive list of deadlines.

As the Production Manager, she oversees creative deliverables on each project, from budgets and scheduling to designer workload and vendor management. She serves as a bridge between the Creative and Accounts teams, enabling the departments to work together to produce high-impact solutions on-time and within budget. She is also responsible for on-site branding, interactive workshops, and immersive training experiences. Lauren never stops thinking about how to optimize processes, and she’s also our go-to copyeditor (and a firm believer in the Oxford comma).

Before joining Centrifuge in July of 2018, Lauren worked at an advertising and publishing company where she managed the design and production of engaging print publications for universities across the country. While there, she discovered a passion for creative project management, the importance of deadlines, and the nitty-gritty of publishing. This exposure to the world of higher education was a solid foundation for her work here at CMI.

Life Outside of Centrifuge:

Lauren started ballet when she was just 3 years-old and continues to dance on a weekly basis. She loves being outside and can usually be found listening to the latest audiobook while out for a walk during her lunch break. Lauren and her husband enjoy traveling with friends. She also has a passion for dressing up for Broadway shows and is striving to become multilingual.